Friday, August 24, 2007 

A Letter to Youngling

Today you are two.

You are the last of my children. Watching you grow and discover has been bittersweet for me. I know this is the last time I'll experience the joy of toddler adventure. I won't miss your growly temper tantrums, but I'll miss you learning your first word (cow, of course).

And growly temper tantrums aside, you are the mellowest of the clan. You take changes in schedule in stride, showing us your wide, gap toothed grin. I love watching the little dimple on your cheek each time you smile. Your whole face lights up with your gentle good nature. You put your all into everything you do. Your body just shakes when you see something new and exciting.

This morning, I went into your room and watched you sleep. I don't get to do that very often, as you are a light sleeper and were never a cuddler. While your brother and sister didn't ever want to sleep in their rooms, you wanted yours from day one. You may be gentle, but you are also a fiercely independent child who craves his own space.

I stood over your crib and listened to your snuffly breathing. Long gone are the days of yummy baby smells. This morning you smelled of sweaty headed boy. I smiled down at you asleep, and said goodbye to the baby you were.

Now I'll say hello to the great man you will be. Thanks for making the last two years so easy on your mama. I love you.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007 

Dear People I Live With....

Effective today, I will no longer do the following:

1. Pick up after you. With the exception of Youngling, you are all big enough to know where things go. Quit arguing with me and put them there.

2. Find things for you. I never did take an archaeology class, therefore, it is not my job to find your things. Remember where you put it, and remember it's not my problem.

3. Buy you stuff. Money does not grow on trees, and if you break it, I will not "buy you a new one". Use your own money, if you think it's so expendable.

4. Fix you snacks. You are old enough to fix a PB&J and pour a glass of milk. The refrigerator is the big white thing with doors on it in the kitchen, and it houses tasty snacks like pudding, apples and juice. I would be delighted to draw you a map if you require one.

5. Be your event coordinator. If you are bored, go pick up your room. You will be amazed at how many toys you have once you unearth the layers of detritus. Play with those.

Failure to comply with the following rule changes will result in a very evil mother. Since you all seem to hate me in such a bad mood all the time, then I expect you to comply.


ETA: I reserve the right to continue edits as I see fit.