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Thursday, July 17, 2008 

When life gives you lemons....

Remember the post a few months ago talking about Cman's new diagnoses? (Is -es the plural for diagnosis, or is it diagnosises?)

We have a new one.

On top of all the other things mentioned in that post, Cman has now been ordered to wear orthotics to prevent him from toe-walking. While his heel cords are still flexible right now, they could tighten down the road and need surgery, so he needs braces to break him of the habit.


The whole hour ride home from the specialist, I kept thinking, "Damn. Why him *again*? When is he going to catch a break? Why must he always be different? Why is life so unfair to him?" (yeah, peevish. Totally. Now shut up.)

In the midst of my pity party, Cman pipes up from the backseat.

Cman: Mom?
Me: Yeah, bud.
Cman: Will these braces really make me run faster like the doctor was saying?
Me: Yeppers, dude.
Cman: Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet.

Cman picked out braces with flames on them the following day so he can run "smokin' fast".

I sure do learn a lot from that kid.

P.S. As for the bad news a few months back, it seems his cholesteatoma may be recurring. He has a follow-up in early August. I'll keep you posted.

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