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Tuesday, January 22, 2008 

The Bucket List, or Day Zero Project

Hopefully at the age of 36, I am nowhere near needing a bucket list. Yesterday's post got me thinking that none of us really know when the time will come. And then, I found this.

In keeping with the whole "carpe diem" thing, I have decided to create my own 101 list, which I will share with you.

1. Paint my basement
2. Take the kids fishing
3. Plant and actually maintain a garden
4. Go geocaching
5. Watch all of AFIs top 100 films
6. Finish our basement bathroom
7. Run a 5k
8. Have a yard sale
9. Clean out all the kids' closets and toys
10. Read "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" (I never read it in college and always meant to)
11. Start donating blood
12. Find and attend a church on an ongoing basis
13. Stick to our monthly budget
14. Potty train Youngling
15. Teach Cman and LMD to ride their bikes without training wheels
16. Take the kids to the zoo
17. Write a post at least weekly
18. Go to Bay Beach
19. Take the kids ice skating
20. Lose 20 pounds (again)
21. Send cards to loved ones instead of just buying them and leaving them to sit
22. Organize the file cabinet
23. Have the kids' friends over to play at least 4 times a month
24. Update the baby books
25. Get all the digital pictures from the last oh, six years printed
26. Start scrapbooking
27. Bake something from scratch once a week
28. Clean out my closet
29. Decorate Youngling's room and transition him to a bed
30. Find old movie posters for the basement
31. Go visit Canada
32. Join flylady....I know, no comments, please
33. Join a book club
34. Attend at least 1 MOMS event a month
35. Complete the framed family tree
36. Steam clean my carpets
37. Go camping with the kids
38. Limit the kids' TV time to 1 hour a day
39. Ride a train
40. See the Northern Lights
41. Catch fireflies in a jar
42. Take a family trip to Chicago
43. Take a family trip to Arizona
44. Take a family trip to the Happiest Place on Earth
45. Make a CD for Mr. Chaos with songs that remind me of when we were dating
46. Find a babysitter
47. Go out on dates with my husband again (at least once a month)
48. Drink 8 glasses of water a day
49. Write a letter to each of the kids to open at a future date
50. Send Mr. Chaos a love letter a month
51. Finish the kids' playroom
52. Complete decorating the game room
53. Complete decorating the family room
54. Take an art class
55. Build a deck for the backyard
56. Sign up for the Debeers Class Action
57. Do my best to finally see a tornado
58. Build a snow fort
59. Have a snowball fight
60. Set up chore lists for the kids
61. Complete the floor plan sketches
62. Obtain builder's permit
63. Work out at least 3 times a week
64. Take family trip to one national monument or park.
65. Attend a State Fair
66. Eat State Fair food for one day without any guilt the next day
67. Take the Jelly Belly Warehouse Tour.
68. Tour Leinie's.
69. Adopt a pet
70. Go to the dentist
71. Take the glucose fasting test
72. Get Lasik done
73. Go to Summerfest
74. Hike at Devil's Rock
75. Go on a picnic
76. Go golf 18 at least once
77. Register LMD for kindergarten
78. Register Youngling for preschool
79. Sell old TV
80. Perform a random act of kindness at least once a week
81. Finally let Mr. Chaos teach me how to play tennis
82. Set up the hammock this summer
83. Take at least one nap in that hammock
84. Tour the Packer Hall of Fame
85. Say "yes" to one of my kids' requests at least once a day. Even if it's just reading a book at the time they want me to do so.
86. Take a cooking class
87. Take a cake decorating class
88. Try 10 new fruits or vegetables
89. Take a neighbor cookies
90. Take a CPR class
91. Become a trained weather spotter
92. Attend a ballet
93. Attend a live theater event
94. Attend a concert
95. Take a family trip to the Mall of America to see Lego store and the Underwater Adventures Aquarium and the Dinosaur Museum
96. Attend a Green Bay Packer game at Lambeau Field
97. See the Badgers play football at Camp Randall stadium
98. Take the kids bowling
99. Go to the neighborhood party in summer
100. Cut eating out to twice a month
101. Stretch for 5 minutes every day

A special thanks to Gina over at There's N.O. pLAce Like Home. She just put this up on her blog and it's where I first heard about it.

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Great list!

Winkflash has 6 cent prints!!!

all the best with your goals ! You have an interesting list ^^

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