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Friday, July 06, 2007 

Curses! Tagged Again!

Honestly, I don't mind being tagged....much. It gives me something to write about on days the muse has left the building. Since she's checked out for a while, I'm taking Blog Antagonist up on her tag. Here's eight things about me, in no particular order.

1. I am deathly terrified of water and bridges that go over water. Quite a few people are, but what makes my fear unusual is that I'm a veritable fish. I learned to swim by the time I was four and was water skiing like a pro by six. Yet anytime I swim in unknown water or drive over a bridge I tense. In fact, ten years ago I was driving in the San Francisco area and made a wrong turn, taking me over this bridge. My leg was cramped in the driving position for two days.

2. I have food issues. Not the kind that send you to the bathroom after eating, or the kind that have you living on air. No, I'm much like a picky six year old. Eating has rules. The first rule is I must be able to see what I am eating. If Mr. Chaos and I go to a romantic restaurant where people dine by candlelight, I'll leave. I don't trust food I can't see.

3. I've lost 51 pounds since the birth of Youngling almost two years ago. It's been a slow process, and I still have another stubborn 14 pounds to go, but I finally think of myself as healthy again. Sometimes I live by my old "fat" rules, and think I can't wear something or do something because of my size, then I remember. I understand why people put weight back on, because it's very difficult to change your mindset. Mr. Chaos pointed out I have lost the equivalent of one Cman. That helps keep things in perspective a bit.

4. Totally stealing this one from BA, so BA, my apologies, but your Ivanhoe item reminded me of this. I read "The Old Man and the Sea" for a book report in fourth grade. My teacher didn't believe I read the book and quizzed me ad infinitum. She finally called my parents to confirm I had read it. All I remember about it is the old man catches a huge fish, struggles to keep predators from eating it, then dies. I have no idea if the fish is a metaphor for our life's struggle, or what. I think it deserves a reread now that I am older.

5. After that incident, my teacher recommended to my parents that my IQ be tested. I remember meeting with a flaky, yet funny guy at the school and taking all kinds of fun tests. One of the tests was a reading test. I had trouble with a word in the text..."Sioux." The counselor told me when I was done the word was pronounced "soo" and not "see-oox." I was utterly mortified I had gotten it wrong. He tried to tell me I just read an excerpt from a 12th grade textbook, but all I heard was I got Sioux wrong. No one will tell me my score, they will only confirm I tested at genius IQ.

6. I learned to drive a stick shift first. When I got to Driver's Ed class at school, I had no clue how to drive an automatic. I sat behind the wheel stymied and asked my teacher where the stick was. He laughed and showed me how to drive it. I'm eternally thankful I learned how to drive a manual.

7. I once broke my pinky toe putting on a pair of underwear. The explanation is nowhere near as funny as you could imagine, so I'll leave it at that.

8. Finally, I am a self-confessed shopaholic. Doesn't matter if I need it, if it's a good deal, I'm buying several. This is difficult, since I am married to an accountant. Honey, if you are reading this, I just got home from buying party supplies for LMD's party tomorrow. You may want to work over time.

Tagging: Het cause I know she loves memes, and she's about the only person I know who reads this blog with any consistency who hasn't yet been tagged.

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