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Thursday, December 08, 2005 


You must simply forgive me for talking just so
I just re-read the Grinchmas three times in a row
Oh, how I do love this time of the season
Where I begin talking rhymes for simply no reason
Beer in my future I see myself drinking
'Til the gray matter above merely stops thinking
Then the rhymes they will end. Hey! They may even cease
Yet later tonight I will dream of roast beast.

Merry Christmas to loved ones near and afar
May you be granted a wish from a bright shining star
May your days be all merry, may your season be bright.
And please......may I stop this damned rhyming tonight?

Are you TRYING to kill me softly with your song? AGGGHHHHH!

LMAO I think you need some more sleep!

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