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Saturday, February 16, 2008 

No, It's Not Coming...

spring, that is. Anytime soon. We have now officially reached the time of year when Kirdy begins bitching about all things winter.

Snow. Tomorrow. Again. Currently I'd say we have about 36" on the level. Yep, as in three feet. I embraced my inner dude yesterday and used the snow blower for the first time. I had no choice. Mr. Chaos was out of town and I got the minivan stuck in the driveway.

Yee haw.

The system coming in tomorrow has forecast to dump another 6-10", but they may have to increase those totals if the system has more moisture.

In other words, Kirdy is screwed.

It makes me grumpy, particularly if I stop to think what these systems might be doing if it were spring. You know how much energy a winter system requires to produce thunder? I had heard thunder during snow twice in my life before this winter. Now I have heard it four times.

And to keep this mundane post a bit exciting, a preview of tomorrow's funfest:

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