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Saturday, December 10, 2005 

So THAT'S how it happens.

What will a lazy Saturday afternoon spent reading blogs and playing gameblast in a desperate attempt to ignore the fact that you are functioning on three hours of sleep get you?

In my case, I just channeled Michael Jackson.

As youngling sits in his bouncy seat cooing at ESPN's sportcenter, I quip:

"That's right little man, you ain't bad, you ain't nothin."

I either need a starbucks fix or a nap......STAT.

Does this mean you're going to move to Bahrain and get hooked on prescription painkillers? 'cause I hear that's where Michael is right about now.

Well, I am feminine and white, but I don't have the moves or the penchant for small boys. Magic 8 Ball says, "Ask again later."

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