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Monday, June 04, 2007 

But, but...I Have Good Reason....

The last two weeks were the weeks from hell. I made 4 trips to ER, two of which were while Mr. Chaos was in Seattle.

First trip was for me. I'm over it, you're over it, and let's move on, shall we?

Second trip was last Monday. LMD tripped and fell leaving Cman's baseball game. She face planted on a mighty sharp rock, and she cupped her little hand to catch the blood. As soon as she saw the blood she stopped crying and began asking questions such as, "Why is there a lot of bleed?" She required 4 stitches, didn't cry (not even when they injected the novocaine into her cut) and asked the doctors questions about how they stitch it up as she watched. The ER docs were amazed at how brave she was. I bet she is one of those women that does like 10 days of labor without pain meds and then pops out a 12 pound baby someday. You can just see it, can't you? Or maybe a surgeon. Or maybe she'll perform open heart surgery while in labor popping out that 12 pounder. She's that tough. Holla.

Saturday we were back at ER getting said stitches out around 1pm.

Saturday night around 8 PM I was back with the Cman, and they actually greeted me by name at that point. Erg. Cman spiked a temp of 103, had a severe headache and sore throat. We were sent home with meds and a diagnosis of strep throat. Sunday morning the boy was better, temp gone, eating and playing normally. Monday night the temp was back, so I kept him home from school Tuesday.

By midday Tuesday Cman needed me to carry him to the restroom. He was too weak to walk and began complaining that "something felt wrong" when he breathed. Doc said bring him in right away. Long story short, he was severely dehydrated and an hour away from an overnight stay. The docs actually called Wednesday morning to check on him. He was that ill, evidently, and they seemed perplexed as to what was wrong. The kid had dropped 7 pounds in 5 days. He's fine now and back at school, so we'll call it a virus.

Anyway, that what's up with the Chaos clan. The Youngling has been keeping mom sane by not getting sick, hurt or maimed in any way and just being a good guy.

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