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Monday, May 14, 2007 

Life is unfair....

OK. First off I want to say that I know what I am about to whine about is totally petty and most women would be jealous of it. But of course I am going to bitch anyway. Totally. Read at your own risk.

I went yesterday to get refitted for bras. I could tell I had been losing weight and even my sport bras were getting too big, so I was due.

When I started this whole process I was a 38C. I was thrilled to finally be in a C cup. Bye, bye, big tatas.

So I thought.

Yesterday I got re-measured and I am now a......34DDD. WTF? Why can't I just lose weight in my chest like normal people??!?!??!? I was so looking forward to buying cute little lacy numbers at Victoria's Secret, but oh, no. Instead I am subjected to buying the ugly ass industrial strength bras that come in the triple "holy shit are those things for real size."


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