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Thursday, April 26, 2007 

Dear Cartoon Network,

I am writing to express my unending gratitude at your wise decision to air the last Ed, Edd and Eddy show tomorrow. I'm not sure what kind of crack induced goodness you pack into this show, but all three Chaos kids bounce around the rooms like super balls whenever this show is aired. We had to ban your show in this house because our walls could no longer take the strain.

Once again, thank you. I now no longer have to search for the remote to change the channel, and can leave your programming on continually as an effective form of babysitting.



Au contraire - today is the best day Edder! starting at 9am its a whole day of the boys! :) dd wants me to dvr them

AND...there's a new episode tomorrow night at 930pm - you bet dd and i will be watching that! *BG*

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