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Tuesday, May 15, 2007 


BA over at Blogs Are Stupid has tagged me with a meme. Today's assignment is chock full of quirky goodness. Ten of 'em.

1. If I see someone driving in a car that looks sort of like me, I often find myself wondering if maybe it is me in some sort of alternate universe. I then concoct outrageous stories of what my life would be like as that Alt-Me.

2. I wonder if being in someone else's brain for a day would be as painful as I imagine it to be. I think trying to follow other people's thought processes would twist my mind. Then I wonder if my mind would seem boring and mundane to others, or whether my brain sharer would struggle to keep up with me.

3. I dissect words in my head. I'll count the number of letters in a word and then split the letters in the word up into the different groupings. For example, permutations would become permut-ations, perm-utat-ions, per-mut-ati-ons, and pe-rm-ut-at-io-ns.

4. I spend my day obsessively adding numbers until the sum is a three or a multiple of three. I'll use dates, times, phone numbers, etc. I find it calming for some reason. Probably because it keeps my mind busy.

5. When I worked, I kept a spotless desk. Everything was neatly filed and organized. Folders were purged regularly. Yet my house........yeah, not so much. I still haven't figured out why I'm anal one place and not another.

6. I'm not sure how quirky this one is, but one of my migraine "tells" is my skin literally starts to feel like it's crawling. For hours before I get the head pain, my skin gets itchy and I can't stand to be inside my skin. If I could shed it for a few hours, I would.

7. I love shoes. I have purchased pairs that go with nothing I own. I've also picked up pairs I know I will never, ever wear. I just buy them because I like them. Think of it as poor man's closet art. Seeing my shoe collection every morning gives me great joy.

8. I'm a chick gamer. There aren't many of us out there, but I could happily spend an afternoon playing video games. I prefer RPGs, but I'll settle for pretty much anything. Right now I'm almost done with Legend of Heroes on the PSP, and I'm trying to finish Final Fantasy X-2 on the Playstation 2.

9. Touching raw meat skeeves me out. Once it's cooked I'm fine, but I can't stand to touch raw chicken or beef. We eat a lot of crock pot meals in this house because I can simply dump the meat directly into the pot without touching it.

10. I have an addiction to beauty products. I just went and counted how many products I have in my shower. There are currently 22 bottles of bath gel, shave gel, shampoo, conditioner, body scrub, etc. Number of those products belonging to Mr. Chaos: 1.

I tag anyone reading this. I know it's a cop out not to name people directly, but after reading how nutso I am, I'm not sure anyone wants me to name names here. Plus everyone I know has been tagged. Off to go find a bottle of brain bleach to wash away my crazy!

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