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Wednesday, June 20, 2007 

In The Still of Mid-Afternoon

Right now in the Chaos house, no creature is stirring, not even.....anyway.

This is a rare occasion, one which I am not oft met. Cman and LMD rarely take naps anymore, and the Youngling has been fighting his like hell.

Take this afternoon, for example. Cman and I were down in the basement listening to Youngling on the monitor. Youngling often runs through his repertoire of verbiage before falling asleep. We often hear him yelling "COW!" as loud as he can, then hear him giggling at his mighty lung capacity. Today was a tad different, because we instead heard him yelling "OW!" I thought little of it, as this is a new word, and one worthy of exploring. There are many subtle inflective differences a person can use with a word such as that. Besides, it wasn't accompanied by loud thuds, cries of pain or silence, so I let it go.

Shortly after I heard him muttering "car". Again, not earth shattering, he has a few cars and trucks he plays with in his crib. Youngling had a brief discourse on the pros and cons of all things transport, then became silent. Cman and I had a chuckle over how active and chatty he was during nap time today.

Suddenly, I heard the unmistakable crinkling of cellophane. It began quietly at first, almost surreptitously, much like a child trying to sneak a bit of candy. It gradually built until finally it became a deafening crescendo of crumpling and gleeful crowing from the baby.

At that point it hit me. Cars, trucks and trains are all approved nap time toys, but never once has Youngling slept with paper. Curious, I went upstairs to investigate.

I opened the door to find Youngling sitting in the midst of his floor, surrounded by a jumble of toys, shoes and baby wipes. The little stinker resourceful child managed to climb out of his crib then pull a box of wipes off his dresser. Thus the mysterious crinkling sound.

He is now asleep in his room. I can only assume he is in his crib, though based on the omnious, albeit brief, sound of a bell I heard shortly before the silence, I wonder.

Which leads me to ask....what do I do with a drunken sailor adventurous tyke who refuses to remain put? You would think I would have had experience with this by baby three, but the other two miraculously never attempted to break out.

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