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Wednesday, June 27, 2007 

The Internet Is A Funny Thing

I get a big giggle out of how people find my website. Search keywords have included "34DDD" (YEah, and *those* people were sorely disappointed), "urbane shoes" and "kindergarten killer Cho". That one disturbs me a little, and Person, if you ever come by again, I hope you were doing research for a paper. Otherwise, I think you might want to seek help.

So anyway, I could have predicted the 34DDD would get a lot of hits, but I never would have predicted the one post that gets the most hits is this one. "Hep, hep" has gotten my website more hits than any other. Go fig. Strangely enough, the majority of the hits have been from Europe. I wonder if Weezer just released "Island In The Sun" over there?

So if one is trying to drive traffic to a blog via keywords, how do you do it? Sure, you could go blue and post things like "viagra", "penis", or "hot sex for one dollar". But then you just never know what kind of element you are attracting. I suppose I could start writing about Paris Hilton, she's probably a hot search word, but again, I'd be disappointing those people.

Eh, I guess I'll stick with the way things are run. I couldn't keep up with crazy web traffic anyway.

here via Blog Antagonist...she's turned the lot of us onto you and am glad she did.

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