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Tuesday, March 04, 2008 


Bleary eyed from sleep, I sat down at the computer this morning to log into my Yahoo account. On the main page, I see the following headline....

"New research links folic acid to an increase in colon cancer"

I watched the accompanying video which talked about the rapid rise of colon cancers in young women who have taken prenatals for years while trying to get pregnant.

The $50 question of the day? What about women who took those prenatals PLUS 10 times the standard daily dose to make sure their other kids wouldn't get spina bifida? Anyone?

I had a dream two weeks ago that I was dying of cancer and leaving videos for my kids.

I just went back to Yahoo to see if I could find a way to link the video, and it's gone from the front page.

Someone is trying to send a message from somewhere. I'm making the appointment today.

That cancer is a sneaky bitch. Best to beat the crap out of it early!

Good luck and keep us posted!

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