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Thursday, March 13, 2008 

Um, Where Was I?

I have literally been living with that repeating in my mind for the last two weeks. Between doctor visits (all good and healthy), kid events and trip planning, I fully expect to meet myself coming in the door one of these days. I hope one of us will have the wherewithal to invite the other in for coffee. I sure could use a break. Oh, and I hope the cute, thin, togetherly-organized Kirdy that I'm sure is out there somewhere brings a couple cream filled longjohns, 'cause I could use a few of those, two.

I made the decision along with my doctor to wean off the Wellbutrin I had been taking for over a year. The decision was based on several factors, not the least of which was irritability. But I also really missed my blogging, and for some reason the Wellbutrin has snuffed much of my creativity. While it slows my mind down enough to think, it also slows it down enough where my internal editor's voice gets a bit too loud. Or something. Anyway, a week after I stopped completely, my fibromyalgia came back with a wicked vengeance. After two days of pain, both Mr. Chaos and I remembered me commenting a year ago that the Wellbutrin seemed to take much of my pain away. One call to my doctor confirmed I need to go back on it. If I'm not depressed now, living in a chronic pain state will put me there, and I don't want to be there.

So you my dear readers, must suffer. All two of you.

As for my last post, the doctor told me all is healthy and nothing to stress over. You know that study that made me go utterly apesh*t? Yeah, well, turns out that study found it increases your risk by 3-4%. And if I hadn't been such a raving basket case of hypochondria and just chilled the heck down and Googled the stupid study, I could have found that out, too. Dumbass, thy name is Kirdy.

We leave for a week long visit to Arizona in two days. Yep, all 5 of the Chaos family members will spend 26 glorious hours in the minivan. I ought to get a blog post or two out of that, right?

Ha! I'll almost meet you on your way back stranger. Hope you have a safe trip!


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