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Monday, December 12, 2005 

The Diva has spoken.

So I was with the younger two today waiting to pick the oldest up from school. There was a HUGE daddy long legs walking along the brick wall by the school. I pointed it out to the Diva, who said, "He's a daddy. He has long legs." Yes, she probably HAS heard the term before, but let's ignore that for now so this mom may marvel in her daughters wisdom, shall we? Then she said,

"Oh no! Daddy spider broke it!" (The spider was sitting on a broken brick.)

Me: He did! What should we do with him?

Diva: Dunno!

Me: Should we put him in a time out?

Diva: No, he's a daddy. Let's send him to work.

Later on the way home we were listening to a song by They Might Be Giants called "Who Put the Alphabet in Alphabetical Order". Lil Miss Diva decided mommies and doctors did. When I asked her what the daddies do, she said they break bricks at work.

Yep, they do, kiddo. Give your daddy mad props and show him some respect when he gets home tonight, wouldja?

My husband would assert that at least for him, work is the same as a time out. He'd much rather be at home playing Star Wars: Battlefront and vegging in front of the TV.

What a smarty-diva she is! Too cute!

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