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Monday, June 26, 2006 

Happy Bomis!

LMD woke me up this morning. In all my bleary eyed, matted haired glory, I cracked open one eye. She cheerfully greeted me with "Happy Bomis!" Without thinking, I immediately wished her a Happy Bomis as well. "No, mommy, I can't have Bomis, I a girl."

Well, okay then.

But all day long I have been thinking.....what are the rules of Bomis? First off, is it a major holiday, or merely a late observance of the equinox? Should I give something up for Bomis, assuming it lasts 40 days? Who will I offend if I don't celebrate Bomis? Which cultures hold the Bomis-tide most sacred?

I asked LMD what we celebrate on Bomis and she said, "Well, it's almost my birthday, so let's eat cake."

Atta girl!

Then I started thinking even further. Holidays are about well wishes, happiness, and sharing with loved ones. The Chaos family embraced Bomis with full gusto. We called grandparents and merrily wished them a Happy Bomis. We put Bomis into sentences whenever and whereever we could. I still think Mr. Chaos took things a bit too far by buying each of the kiddos a small token of Bomis, but nevertheless, the spirit was there. It felt like a holiday, when there heretofore was none.

So, with that having been said, a very Happy Bomis to each and all of you. Unless you are a girl, who does not have a Bomis, but feels totally okay with accepting a small Bomis gift anyway.

Happy Bomis!

A Merry Bomistide to you and your's!

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