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Wednesday, April 12, 2006 

Where I desperately attempt to get something done

Anything productive. Seems I am having one of those weeks (months, lives?) where I just can't pull it all together. Cman is back at school after Spring Break, so I should be clicking on all cylinders again, but I just can't. Everytime I turn around there is a new mess, a new problem, a new wrinkle in my perfectly planned day that makes it all go haywire.

Example? I go in the bathroom because LMD has flushed a whole roll of paper down the toilet (again). While mopping up bits of what appears to be a paper mache project gone horribly awry, I realize it's too quiet. Go in living room to find LMD has given Youngling oreo cookies. Proceed to clean drooly cookie shmoo off baby, which requires a complete change of clothes. While in Youngling's room realize I don't see LMD. Find her in living room dripping melted popsicle on the oatmeal couch. Curse self for believing the saleswoman who promised stains would blot right off the microsuede. Send LMD to room while mopping up the couch mess. Find Youngling trying to eat remaining cookie goo off the carpet. Put LMD in time out and Youngling down for nap. Go to bathroom to get 5 minutes to regroup and find......

the paper mache gone horribly awry.

Is it any wonder I haven't been blogging?

Tomorrow I promise I will lock myself in here and let them run amuck. Well, more than usual anyway. In the meantime, any donations of maid or nanny services will be quite welcome.

Ahem..I tagged you. DOn't hate me. You and M are the only bloggers I know well enough to tag.

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