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Saturday, April 15, 2006 

Hep, Hep.

Today the Chaos family spent a perfect afternoon. The two older kids played on a Slip N Slide while Youngling napped. The hubby and I soaked up some sun and drank some brew. The scent of Hawaiian Tropic was in the air (yes, it's bad for you, but I am sorely lacking in Vitamin D). Flashback songs were cranking......"Radio Free Europe" reminded me of college, "Good" reminded me of an ex I was glad to be rid of, and then on came "Island in the Sun" by Weezer. No song could better describe the Chaos family Saturday afternoon. The kids' kites were gently aloft in a warm spring breeze. I realized yet again all the reasons I madly fell in love with Mr. Chaos, and for brief moments I felt like I did before kids.....carefree, young and vital.

Mr Chaos and the kids came back to the house to play on the Slip N Slide. We were all trying to get Mr. Chaos to slide, since he never had before. (Can you believe it? And what's up with that, anyway?) Cman was lifting his daddy's shirt when I heard:

Cman: Whoa, daddy. That's a LOT of back hair. (It's not, really.)
Mr. Chaos: Thanks, bud. (Meanwhile I am giggling hysterically)
Cman: And ear hair.
Mr Chaos: *grunt*
Cman: And NOSE hair. Does that mean you are old?
Mr Chaos: Yeah, bud, guess it does.

I am rolling in my seat, people. Do you have any idea how funny it was to listen to Mr. Chaos get dressed down? Then I hear......

Cman: But not as old as mommy.

*insert sound of record scratching across lp here* Wha? Me? But I am young! Vibrant! Playing on Slip N Slide! And only 6 months older than daddy. What gives?

Cman: Yep, mommy is WAY old. (Et tu, Brute?)

Shit. I am fairly certain Weezer never wrote about this.

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