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Monday, March 20, 2006 

Toto, we aren't even IN Kansas....

Those who know me well know I am a self-professed weather geek. I obsessively refresh no less than 3 websites during any major event that comes through our area. During hurricane season I go on 2-3 hours of sleep a night, surfing websites, tracking NOAA buoys, watching Weather Channel and Jim Cantore. Honestly, if I ever saw him in my backyard, I'm not sure whether I would dance with glee or experience pucker factor. Anyone who tracks this stuff knows he always seems to just miss the big ones, though, so I'd probably do a Snoopy dance and ask for an autograph.

Mr. Chaos has been approached about a possible job transfer to Kansas. I couldn't be more thrilled...this is an amateur storm tracker's dream. He hasn't been sure. Says it's "tornado country". Actually, it's Alley, but we'll cut him some slack. He grew up where bad meteorologists go to die. How hard is it to predict weather in Arizona? Sunny and hot.

Tonight I was tracking a storm front building in Alabama. Each time I refreshed the page I got more excited. All the elements were coming together to form a really promising weather scenario....headed right for us.

Long story short, it did hit here, but we are all safe. No damage. I'd estimate 70-80 mph winds, some small hail, but minor. Kids were scared and difficult to get to bed after bedtime got pushed back an hour from being in the storm shelter. Cman was crying about getting his tush wet from sliding on a wet slide at recess today. Juuuust a wee bit overtired. They are all sleeping now and I am free to think.

I'm not sure I want to move to Kansas now. Why?

Kids wouldn't let me watch the damn storm! Anytime I tried to sneak out to ostensibly check the TV reports, they would scream and cry, certain their mommy would meet a horrific fate.

The torture of having great weather without being able to experience its fury is pretty much my hell on earth. Nothing like the torture they would have growing up without a mommy, though.

I hate growing up.

I think you missed your true calling in life. You should have been a storm chaser. You thought I was going to say weather girl, didn't you? Sorry, you're not vacuous enough. ;?)

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