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Friday, April 14, 2006 

Tagged? Moi?

The Antagonista herself tagged me. Wants me to list six weird things about myself. Here they are, in no particular order....

1. I have a hangup with numbers adding up to three or multiples of three. I will look at the time, for example, and if the numbers don't add up to three or a multiple of three, I will look around me to find other numbers to add until it happens. Yes, it's a sign of OCD, but I swear, it's the only symptom of it I have, and I think it makes me unique. Plus, I can hide it rather well.

2. I can reach and scratch anywhere on my back with ease. I can also grasp my hands behind my back and bring them around to my front without letting go. This makes applying self-tanner a snap, but has very few other practical uses.

3. When bored, I will break words down in my head, and the longer the better. For example, the word antagonist is a 10 letter word, so I will break it out as an-ta-go-ni-st or antag-onist. Twelve letter words become quite fun with all the permutations. In this case, I am completely ok with the words not having letters that are multiples of three. I do it to entertain myself when I am waiting in line at the store.

4. I must sleep with something covering me. I don't care how hot or humid it is, I must have at least a sheet covering me, or I can't sleep. It drives Mr. Chaos, the human furnace crazy, and it was extremely uncomfortable while nine months pregnant with LMD in the depths of Arizona summer.

5. I rarely use recipes. I will for baking, but for dinner.........fuhgeddaboudit. I use them for ideas, or for a springboard, but I tweak them relentlessly to make them my own. I don't know how weird that is, though.

6. This probably only qualifies as annoying, but I end sentences with prepositions all the time. And, I like it.

Now then........let's continue the weirdness factor. I tag MB and Het. How weird are you sickos?

I do number three and number 4 and I wish I could do number 2!!

Thanks for humoring me!

You do number three? And I thought I was the only one.....


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