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Friday, April 20, 2007 

You Have Been Warned

This week's carnival topic over at Crazy Hip Blog Mamas is Favorite Beauty Secret/Product.

Oh my gosh...those that know me know I was born to write about this. I have more beauty stash than Donald Trump has combover. I can't pass a beauty counter, shop, drugstore without buying at least one product. It's a sickness, and I'm working on it. That having been said, these are the things I come back to again and again....

1. Bare Escentuals foundation. Yes, it really is everything you've heard it is. It's goof proof, quick to apply, gives your skin a gorgeous glow without screaming makeup. Say goodbye to clown lines on your face when you use this stuff. Plus it has SPF 15, so you can skip the sunscreen. This is the original mineral makeup that started the trend.

2. Lip gloss. I'm currently addicted to Goldie's lip gloss because it's not tacky or sticky and smells divine. Every time I put it on I get a whiff of vanilla buttercream. It feels so indulgent, especially when you're perpetually dieting like me. The site says it smells like dolce de leche, but who cares either way? It smells GREAT!

3. Olay Regenerist Microdermabrasion and Peel. I use this twice a week to keep my skin dewy and youthful looking. Since I started using this six months ago, I get the best compliments on my skin. It gets rid of a dull, lifeless complexion and leaves your skin glowing and radiant. Really. Use this with the serum daily and you'll love the results.

4. Blinc Mascara. I know it's a lot to pay for one tube of mascara, but since I started using this, I will never use another brand again. This mascara coats your lashes with tiny little tubes of color that are buildable before they dry. It adds length, and it stays put all day. No more raccoon eyes with this. Just a little water and it comes right off.

These four (okay, five) items are my basic must haves. I keep coming back to them no matter what else I try.

You and me both chickie. Maybe it's good that we don't live near one another anymore, becuse we are clearly too good at enabling.

I'm dying to try the new Olay Regenerist Eye pod thingies.

I *almost* bought those yesterday at Target. I decided to buy new workout pants instead. I want to try them, too!

I've been wanting to try the Escentuals stuff, but I haven't yet. Now, I think that I must. Oh, yes, I must!

OMG I love Bare Escentuals! I was almost embarassed to admit I bought something because I saw it on an infomercial but I love the stuff! I swear by it! No more cake-y foundation that comes off when Amara hugs her mama!

Thanks for sharing! I haven't tried Bare Escentuals yet, but I do use L'Oreal's mineral makeup, and I really like it.

Surfed in via the CHBM carnival.

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