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Friday, April 20, 2007 

Cman the Entrepreneur

Last night coming home from karate class, Cman and Mr. Chaos had the following conversation:

Cman: "Dad, what makes people get a lot of money?"

Mr. C: "Well, if you study hard in school and get good grades..."

"No Dad, I mean a LOT of money."

"...then you go to college and study to become a doctor or a lawyer..."

"NO, I mean a lot a lot of money. *pause* Hey! I know! I'll open a lemonade stand! Then I'll be filthy, STINKING rich!"

I'm still not sure where he came up with the "flithy, stinking rich" line, but Mr. C and I are both greatly heartened by Cman's new endeavor. Last month he told us he wanted to be a pizza delivery guy when he grows up, so this is a move in right direction. Baby steps little man, baby steps.

That is great, lol.

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