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Thursday, April 19, 2007 

Today I Betray My Own

Spring finally started thawing the Frozen Tundra today. I guess my bitching about it's absence the other day was enough, because today it is sunny and gorgeous. You know how else I know it's here? I saw my first garage sale sign. Forget daffodils, robins or green grass....puh. Here spring is heralded in by the appearance of orange and black signs popping up on every corner.

I used to feel foolish going to yard sales with my mom. I thought that yard sales were for people who were in need. Why would you buy people's used stuff when you can get new? Then I had kids and I realized the joy of something new is far outweighed by the joy of a bargain. LMD loves going with me, hollering out each time she sees a sign as we drive. We saw our first sign today, so off we went in search of a deal.

I struck up a conversation with the woman running the sale while I browsed. We found out our children both attended the same elementary school, were both in kindergarten, and even were in the same class. This is where the betrayal of my first born began.

Me: "So, who is your daughter?"

Her: "Unbearably Cute One."

Me: "OH! Really? Cman has been talking about her all year! He has the biggest crush on her."

Her: " Really? I'll have to ask Unbearably Cute One about Cman."

Me: "Cman came home last week and said he told Mrs. G that he is in love with Unbearably Cute One. But Mrs. G said that we don't love in kindergarten, we are just good friends, so she's my good friend."

Uch. I know! Can you believe I went there? Instantly I felt dirty and wanted to scrub my skin raw in the nearest shower. It used to be so cute talking about his crushes and girl buddies, but I was completely unaware that it's not so cute anymore until those words left my mouth. I committed the most heinous of sins...that of embarrassing my firstborn. Moms have been doing it since the dawn of time. It's practically a rite of passage for both parties. Kid realizes he is growing up because mom mortifies him publicly; Mom crosses line into uncool mom territory. Can you see those high waisted mom jeans in my future? AGH!

I meekly handed over my $10 for a Columbia jacket for Youngling and got the hell out of there. The only thing lessening the sting of my faux pas is that Cman is completely unaware. Lucky for me, he was in school today. Since I'm sure there will be a next time, I'll just have to accept it. But I know I'll be wearing yummy mummy jeans when I do.

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