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Thursday, April 12, 2007 

Do What Now?

That's one of those quirky Southern colloquialisms I picked up while living in Georgia. For you Northern folk, it's loosely translated as "What?"

LMD is watching Strawberry Shortcake DVDs in the other room and they just broke out into song. It sounded like they were singing "Itchy, Bitchy Scare". In our house, that would be me during PMS. I get hives from chocolate, crave while PMSing.....ah, never mind, it loses too much in translation.

Anyway, I bolted out of my chair, and as I was lunging for the power button on the TV, I realized they were singing, "Itty Bitty Scare". Jeebus, more like gigantic one, you mean. Remember when LMD wouldn't forget dammit?

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