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Thursday, April 12, 2007 

Wake Me When It's Spring

So yes, technically that calendar says we started spring over a month ago. That calendar can perform an anatomically impossible maneuver.

I woke up to 6, count 'em, six inches of snow today. It's funny that I'm complaining about it, really. After a 10 year hiatus in warmer climes, we came back to Wisconsin last August. Our first fall here I was giddy with excitement each time it snowed, and I was gleeful when the kiddos had snow days. I would spend days wide eyed with wonder, admiring how everything looked like a Currier and Ives print. Obviously the patina wore off quite quickly.

In my defense, those of you who live in south need to know the contributing factors. For instance, do you have any earthly idea how long it takes to get three kids bundled up to go outside? I think the Chaos record is 45 minutes. This includes at least one harried search for a missing glove while the child whines at me to hurry up. Also, one pant change because the diva forgot to pee before getting in her snow pants and we couldn't get them off in time. And you have to do this anytime you go anywhere. Granted, the snow pants don't factor in, but hats and gloves do. Did you know toddlers are genetically programmed to loathe hats? Yup, it's true. So when you do finally get all the kids strapped in their car seats looking like Mini-Michelins, your in-flight music is the low whine of the toddler. Lovely!

And dirt? Let me tell ya, you would think snow would be clean, right? After all, it's just frozen water. Yet not only does the rain freeze, it becomes polarized to attract any sand, salt and rocky mud within a 5 mile radius. I don't care how meticulous you are in insuring the kids take their boots off on the entryway carpet, either. As soon as that snow melts inside your house it magically reverses polarity and the muck, sand, rock et al redistributes itself throughout the house. This requires twice weekly mopping on our tile floors. Did I mention I hate to mop?

Finally, here in Wisconsin, spring is an evil temptress. Two weeks ago we were blessed with two sun-filled 80 degree days. I opened the windows, we aired out the house and the kids played outside. We drank up that sunshine like we'd been shipwrecked for weeks without water. For two glorious days the sun warmed our pale skin. The kids loved being outside, and I loved attempting to reclaim the house as mine for an hour or two. Winter came back only after the kids remembered how wonderful it is to be outside without winter clothes. Now they are stir crazy and cranky.

Yet I stoically hold my head high, and remind myself that warmer days are ahead. Spring always comes, on her terms. I just hope this year it will be by LMD's birthday......in July.

Erm...will you bitch slap me if I say I am STILL completely jealous???

If it helps, it has turned off cold again here. Not sure I'm really up to shivering in the stands tonight at the Braves game. Now that is unusual.

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