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Wednesday, April 11, 2007 

Now THERE'S a game show I'd watch!

During my freshman year of college, my roommate and I religiously watched one show every day. We'd rush back to our dorm room after class, pop some popcorn and settle in to watch our favorite show, Supermarket Sweep. Feverish with excitement, we'd yell things at the TV like, "Go for the hams! Hey, stupid! Everyone knows you go for the hams. Baked goods?! Lady, are you crazy?" We'd gleefully soak up that half hour, learning all the while how to rack up a grocery bill in the quickest way possible.

Oh, naive child.

It struck me when I was at WalMart today just how wrong that show was. I wasted hours of my misspent youth watching a show that gave me virtually no life skills. Hell, my advanced calculus classes prepared me more for life than that show.

I want a show called Fantastically Frugal. This show would show moms frantically trying to feed a family of five on a tight budget. The shopping experience would be replete with pitfalls. The contestant would have to draw a setback card, and these setback cards would have additional difficulties such as "cranky baby" or "picky eater". The mom would then have to craftily juggle her shopping list to meet these additional demands all while staying under budget. If the mom completed these tasks she would earn bonus points. The moms would be judged on nutritional value, variety and creativity also. Think of the learning potential!

Unfortunately, this will never happen. People watch TV to escape reality and this show would be way too realistic. Unless it was promoted as reality TV. That could work, right?

Nah. With the overly charged PC world we live in these days, it still wouldn't happen. It would be deemed sexist and voted off the air. You ever see a dad with three kids at the grocery store?

I would so watch a show like that! Might not be able to win, but would definitely watch, LOL.

I too was a Supermarket Sweep watcher.

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