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Wednesday, December 14, 2005 

Since my letter to Santa was obviously diverted...

and the snow is going much further north-AGAIN-I decided to make Christmas happen another way today.

How? Well, today LMD and I did something I used to do with my mom. We baked.

It sounds so simple and mundane, doesn't it? Floury hands and noses, kitchen timers ticking, smells of baking bread and cookies....ho hum.

Yet, it wasn't. We popped in "Rat Pack Christmas" and in between sheets of baking golden treats, we jumped, jived and wailed all over that kitchen.

It started with a little bit of toe tapping during "Mistletoe and Holly". LMD seems to be a big fan of Ol' Blue Eyes. (Girl's got my taste at the tender age of two!) By the time Sammy got to "Jingle Bells" we had tangoed, twirled like ballerinas, even jitterbugged a bit. We were both giggling the whole time. Even the youngling got in on the act, giggling at us and kicking his tiny feet in time to the music. Kid has moves! He even looked the part in a red and white striped onesie. My very own candy cane rat-packer was all decked out and ready to groove.

Then, we got crazy. I introduced them both to "Dig That Crazy Christmas" by the Brian Stetzer Orchestra. Man, our joint was hoppin'! Time flew by and before we knew it, we had baked 40 cupcakes, 25 snowmen, 3 plates of fudge, and even made a dozen Chocolate Banana Pops. I felt Christmas today in my heart and saw it in my children's eyes. I even caught myself looking outside for snowflakes.

Maybe Santa did get my letter after all.

I want that CD, dammit!

And some fudge.

Long Live The Partridge Family!!!

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