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Saturday, March 11, 2006 

It's a Two For....Saturday.

Last night Cman went the way of so many greats and not so greats before him. We embarked on a journey that is the epitome of Americana. We started T-ball.

To have any idea what a fabulous moment this was for Mr. Chaos and me, you need to read this.

As I watched our little man cross the platform in his blue ballcap, he was barely recognizable. He was so mature. I kept seeing this picture superimposed over one of a tiny baby in a crib warmer, with wires and tubes everywhere.

I imagine I'll see that image overlapped with many in his life. Graduation days, wedding days, etc. It's a familiar image that at the time gave me so much grief and heartache. I didn't know if days like last night would happen. Now that image has become a reminder of how blessed we are and how far he has come.

Now remind me of the pride I feel for the boy when I begin bitching about baseball being a total time drain, wouldja?

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