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Saturday, March 11, 2006 

This sorta explains it all

LMD has a newfound obsession and for once it's completely unrelated to princesses, butterflies or ballerinas.

See, there were these things called the Olympics. Yeah, they had pretty shitty coverage and ratings and since the USA wasn't kicking ass, you didn't hear much about it. But they happened. LMD spent some bonding time with her Frampa (that's Grampa to you) watching hockey.

Hockey. Huh. Who knew? My uber girly-girl with porcelain skin and waifish good looks who wears princess dresses to the grocery (fully accessorized, mind you) found a calling down deep in her soul. Wicked cross checks make her roar with glee. Slapshots have her dancing in the aisles.

I had visions of her giving up just a wee bit of her rabid obsession with pink and purple when I heard it......

"Frampa, it's a Flower Play!"


I grew up with hockey! I love hockey!!!


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