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Wednesday, February 08, 2006 

I love Britney Spears. Seriously.

Because as long as she exists doing things like this, I feel I have a rock-solid grasp on this parenting thing.

Of course, I have never had a stalkerazzi problem with the Chaos kiddos, so who's to say.

Doesn't it give you warm fuzzy feelings to know you aren't the worst mom in the world?? I know it does for me!

I'm not entirely sure this should be a judgement on her parenting skills - but perhaps just her overall intelligence level. I have to say it too - I was pretty sure it was going to be K-Fed to do something stupid like this. Although - with all of his procreations roaming the Earth, he has had so much more experience with kids. ha.

These two make for really good blogging and were made for the tabloids.


Compared to K-Fed, who wanted to get his infant son's ears pierced, and Britney, who thinks that her lap is the equivalent of a car seat, I am Mother of the Year.

What is she going to do when she has two of them, balance one of them on the dashboard?

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