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Thursday, February 09, 2006 

Coffee.......Coffee NOW!


So yesterday I finally discovered the source of Youngling's fussiness. It had nothing to do with the "secondary infection" the doctor said he had, or with his imminent teeth.

It had to do with me. Or lack of me.

Yes, this is yet another entry relating to breastfeeding. Yawn for you, too, huh?

I am not one of those lucky women who has the weight magically melt off her frame as she nurses. Pregnancy and all things nursing related pretty much ensures I will wear fat clothes until my hormones go back to something resembling normal. What happens is I lose weight quite well, hit a number on the scale, stall out and then dramatically rebound and put back on the 10 pounds I worked so hard to lose.

Last week I broke through that number. Crashed that little bastard in half, actually. (Just the number, not the scale....although the argument could be made either way.) Shortly after this, Youngling started his fussiness.

I attributed it to many things....his teeth, a tummy upset due to antibiotics, congestion...

Finally out of sheer desperation and attempting to nurse him for two hours with no success, I gave him a bottle. He greedily gulped down 6 ounces and conked out. He woke from his nap a new little man, refreshed and ready to tackle barrel rolls.

He hasn't looked back. I am doing much better than I thought I would be, with him being our last and all.

Because I can now drink coffee. Praise God, for he is good.

Yay for the Youngling! He and you will be so happy now that there is balance in the Universe. And good for you being okay with it.

Of course now you're going to lose weight faster than me, for which I must perforce hate you. :)

Yay for you and coffee! We mut find a Starbucks if we ever get together!!

Forget coffe, go straight for the bourbon.

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