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Thursday, February 02, 2006 

A pox on thy house and all within it

How could I have forgotten to consult my calendar? Really. Everyone knows that in between the Christmas season and cupid bows flying we have one of the least anticipated seasons of the year.....

Flu season.

I was foolhardy enoguh to believe that because we had our flu shots this year, we could escape it, but alas. It all began last Thursday when the youngling began this evil, pissed-off sounding growl whenever you would try to put him down. Self-assured third time mom said, "It's just teeth, give him some Tylenol." For 5 days, y'all. Five hellish, time warped days of carrying anti-napping baby all day long. Interspersed in these five days were five wake-filled nights of, "It's your damn turn. Get up if you want to ever have sex again." (That's what Mr. Chaos claims I said, anyway. I was too tired to recall those events accurately.)

Yesterday, just as the youngling was finally channeling happy normal baby again, Cman woke up. He went to use the bathroom. I found him there, curled up on the floor next to the toilet moaning. "Mommy, my tummy hurts." Damn. Followed by the whine of "I don't want to miss my field trip today." Double damn.

At least the flu gods were kind this year. Cman managed to get through without a single puke. He is now playing Harry Potter on the Xbox and telling me he's too sick to go back to school tomorrow. Ha. Double Ha.

LMD is wheezing and Youngling just puked. Looks like another long night without sleep.

Anyone who dares mock me will have the pox visited upon them thricefold. I will this to be so.

Editor's Note: Stef the Hater (just kiddin', you know I love ya) has been by my blog and has asked that I clarify. Yes, I know the flu shot does not protect against the stomach flu. I was referring to the flu virus the rest of us got a week ago and passed on to Youngling, which led to his secondary sinus infection and general pissiness. So there.

Oh you know you love me!

Nice new digs dear!

Like the new view!

As for Stef - I was actually thinking the same thing, since I have a post sitting as a draft in my blog about people making comments about "I got my flu shot, and I don't understand why I'm still puking from this flu!" ;)

But - not being a hater... figured you meant the previous pox! ;)

Hope all the fam is on the mend SOON!

See, I KNEW I wasn't the only one! LOL LOL

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