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Thursday, January 26, 2006 

Failure? Or brilliant success?

Those bored by yesterday's blubbering can skip this post. It's just going to be more whining about weaning the youngling.

So, I tried. I know I'm not supposed to give him the bottle, but I was the only one home.

He screamed. Nuzzled in to nurse. Screamed again.

Me? I cried. More than him, probably.

We have decided to wait until Saturday, when Mr. Chaos will be home and I can leave the house for a few hours.

Gotta give the boy credit for knowing what he wants, though.

Sorry I am laughing. Not at your pain but at the reference to "Mr. Chaos". I had this mental picture of him standing in the doorway in tights and a cape flapping out behind him. Big letter "C" on his chest... "Honey I'm home!" with hands on his hips, teeth sparkling all super hero like...

errr, well I guess you would have had to been there. In my head that is....it was funny at the time.


Well.......it is funny. Much. Hopefully he can use his superhero powers to get the baby to take a bottle.

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