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Monday, December 19, 2005 

What were you doing 5 years ago on this night?

I was in labor with my first. I had been in labor for 12 hours already. I was tired, emotional, excited and nervous all in one swoop. I was sure when it was all over things would get "back to normal." Little did I realize you feel like that every second of every day once you have kids.

Cman is a sensitive boy and is whip smart. He loves Star Wars, Harry Potter, video games and his parents. Aw. If only I could keep him like that forever. Oh wait.......Mr. Chaos is still that way, so there is hope. This same boy just brought me a warm chocolate chip cookie because he loves me. What on earth did I do so right, and how did it happen when I wasn't looking?

You are a great kid in spite of me. I wouldn't change one second of the last five years. We've had our share of night terrors, medical scares, and heartache. We've also had our fill of giggles, long walks and tickle fights. You still melt me with those big, brown, puppy dog eyes of yours. It is bittersweet to think you will do it to someone else someday.

Happy almost birthday, Cman. Thank you for all you've taught me. I can only hope I've taught you half as much.

Awwww!!! I *love* five. Five is a wonderful age!!!

5 years ago...probably putting off Xmas shopping for another night or two before heading to Target to take out all birds with one stone...history has repeated itself!

Happy Birthday to the Cman - and may he have a wonderful day. We miss him very much and wish we could smother him with kisses and hugs.

5 years ago I lost my voice right at Christmas time. I was going to sing in the church choir on Christmas. While out shopping my daughter found Santa and asked him to give me my voice back for Christmas.... no wait a minute, that was Carol Brady.


Um...I don't remember but it probably had something to do with diapers, as I had a baby then. Deja vu, man.

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